Circuits, general information and penalties policy.

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General Information


If the tour starts in a point and ends in another, then it is applied the so called drop-off fee, which covers the gas expense necessary for the driver to come back home. This is calculated knowing that a standard taxi consumes 12 kms per liter and a minivan 8 kms per liter.

Supplements on special dates.

For example, end of the year from 22/12 till 02/01; holy week, etc. Cost will be 10.00 cuc on top of the total of the circuit and transfer prices.


Penalty for transfer services towards the same city.

For example, Havana Airport-Havana from 21:00 pm to 05:00 am - 5.00 CUC on top of the total of the prices. When it is out of the city, for instance, Havana Airport-Viñales, 10.00 CUC on top of the total of the prices.

Penalty for long waits at the airport.

10.00 extra CUC per each hour after the first three hours hours wait, that is, the client has three hours’ airport delay free of charge. Money exchange time is not included.

Penalty for waiting in extra stops during the transfers.

10:00 extra CUC will be paid by clients for each waiting hour in extra stops during transfers. If several stops of less than an hour happen, each accumulates.

No show 50 % policy.

In case the client does not show at the airport or in any other pick up place, a 50 % penalty of the total of the price is applied.